Trading bonds provides an excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio and hedge against risk, as they are considered a conservative investment.

Bonds are one of the oldest types of financial instrument in the world and their value is often determined by global events. In essence, a Bond is an IOU where the borrower (called the issuer) borrows money from a lender (the investor) and agrees to pay interest in return.

Trade bonds with Vipro Markets and leverage one of the world’s most liquid fixed income markets.

Benefit from:
  • Low margin requirements
  • No commissions
  • No hidden fees
  • Powerful, intuitive trading platform


Instrument Description
#EURBUXL German Government Bonds - Euro Buxl (cash)
#EURBOBL EUREX Euro-Bobl Futures (FGBM)
#EURBUND German Government Bonds - Euro Bund (cash)
#EURSCHA German Government Bonds - Euro Schatz (cash)