Vipro Markets Joins Tickmill Group

We are pleased to announce that Vipro Markets has been acquired by Tickmill Group, which consists of a UK FCA and a Seychelles FSA regulated entities. This move will allow our company to grow its business much faster under the robust, fast-growing Tickmill brand and expand our product offering to our diverse client base. Tickmill boasts a dynamic presence in both Asia and Europe and a strong capital base; in 2016 Tickmill ’s audited net profit amounted to $6.27 million and trading volume at $473 billion.

Tickmill’s client-centric approach and outstanding reputation within the trading community aligns perfectly with our values, mission and business ethics, and we look forward to this exciting new chapter that is bound to open up numerous opportunities for growing our Clients’, Employees’ and Partners’ potential.

We appreciate your support and dedication and we assure you that we will keep working together with our Tickmill associates towards advancing your trading experience by delivering the best possible trading conditions and service to our most valuable asset, our Clients.

Should you have any questions about the acquisition and how you can benefit from it, please refer to our dedicated FAQ page or contact our support department.