In light of the upcoming Easter holidays, we would like to inform you that the trading schedule will be subject to change on Thursday, March 29th, Friday, March 30th, Monday, April 2nd and Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. Please refer to the table below for the trading hour adjustments:
Instrument Thursday, Mar. 29th Friday, Mar. 30th Monday, Apr. 2nd Tuesday, Apr. 3rd
Forex  Normal  Normal  Normal  Normal
Gold  Normal  Closed  Normal  Normal
Silver  Normal  Closed  Normal  Normal
AUS200  Closes at 16:00  Closed  Opens at 10:10  02:50 – 09:30 / 10:10 – 00:00
STOXX50  Closes at 23:00  Closed  Closed  Opens at 09:00
FRANCE40  Closes at 23:00  Closed  Closed  Opens at 09:00
WTI  Normal Closed  Normal  Normal
US30  Normal Closed  Normal  Normal
US500  Normal Closed  Normal  Normal
DE30  Closes at 23:00 Closed  Closed  Opens at 09:00
ITALY40  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
SPAIN35  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
SWISS20  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
HK50  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
INDIA50  Normal Closes at 09:00  Normal Normal
JP225  Normal Closes at 09:00  Normal Normal
AFRICA40  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
#EURBOBL  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
#EURBUND  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
#EURBUXL  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
#EURSCHA  Normal Closed  Closed Normal
The times mentioned above are in GMT+3 time.